FYI: Alicia Silverstone Spits Chewed Food Into Her Kid's Mouth

Alicia Silverstone, perpetual crush of anyone who came of age around 1995 when Clueless was released, is set to guest star on “Suburgatory” later this season. She’ll be in the last four episodes, and my guess based on the episode titles (“Motherload”) is that she will play Tessa’s estranged mother. The pairing would reunite her with her Clueless co-star, Jeremy Sisto, who you may recall played a giant douchebag in Clueless. In a recent interview discussing the Silverstone’s appearance, Sisto had this to say about the reunion:

We were good friends back in the day so it’s been really nice to personally reconnect and meet her baby and to hear stories about her life over the last 10 years.

One wonders if, in relaying stories of parenting, Silverstone told Sisto that her baby’s feeding method is by mouth. Her mother, to be exact. For reasons that don’t make an immense amount of sense to me, Alicia Silverstone pre-chews her son’s food, and then spits it into his mouth. If that’s not bizarre enough, she also taped it and put it on YouTube for the edification of the YouTube masses.

Now, I have kids, and I’m married to a very hippy-dippy crunchy granola woman who is quite liberal with her baby-raising philosophy. I passed this video along to my wife, assuming she would have some logical co-parenting wisdom to explain why a woman would feed her child like a bird.

Her response: “Is she on drugs?”

I think that’s something we’re all wondering this morning. But don’t worry, folks. Silverstone is vegan, so whatever it is she’s spitting into her kid’s mouth is probably very healthy for him. The only medical costs he’ll have to worry about as an adult will be THE COST OF HIS GODDAMN SHRINK.