Gael Garcia Bernal Is Set To Star In A Marvel Halloween Special Coming To Disney+ Next Year

While four days after Halloween might seem a pretty unusual time to announce a Halloween special, I’m choosing to assume Marvel just wants to give us a full 361 days to process how exciting their next project is going to be which, to be fair, is pretty exciting. According to a Variety report, Gael Garcia Bernal (Bad Education, The Motorcycle Diaries, Coco) has officially signed on to star in a Marvel Studios Halloween special scheduled to hit Disney+ next fall. While the exact details of the special are being kept under wraps, sources say that Bernal could be playing a character based on Marvel’s Werewolf by Night.

First appearing in in Marvel Spotlight #2 back in 1972, Werewolf by Night is a moniker given to two different characters in the Marvel universe: Jack Russell and Jake Gomez. Both iterations of Werewolf by Night — or Werewolf, for short — are gifted with the power (or curse) of being able to transform into a werewolf at will while still remaining in control of their mind and body.

According to Variety, the special is slated to begin filming in 2022 with intent to hit the streaming service next Halloween. Interestingly enough, Moon Knight is also slated to come out around this time next year, and considering Moon Knight first made his appearance in an issue of Werewolf by Night, it seems likely we could get a surprise Oscar Isaac cameo in it.

Until then, Marvel fans can rejoice in knowing several other MCU entries are headed to the streaming service in the next few months, including Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld on November 24. In addition, there are also series based on She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel on the way.