‘Galaxy Quest’ Is Reportedly Being Turned Into A TV Series

With the 50th anniversary approaching at warp speed, CBS Television Studios would love a new Star Trek television series, not only to wash the bad taste of Enterprise out of the public’s mouth, but also because there’s money to be made from such a valuable property. That’s basically where we are now: original ideas are out, franchises are in, which is why Paramount Television is reportedly working on a show based on Galaxy Quest, 1999’s excellent sci-fi spoof of Trekkers.

The film’s scribe Robert Gordon is expected to write the TV version, and executive produce with the film’s director Dean Parisot, producer Mark Johnson and Johnson’s producing partner Melissa Bernstein. (Via)

Add this to the ever-growing list of movie-to-TV adaptations, but unlike Shooter, I can see Galaxy Quest working. The premise is strong enough to withstand being stretched out for multiple seasons, and I’m down for any show that (lovingly) takes the piss out of the people who cry during Star Wars trailers. So long as the actor who gets cast in Sam Rockwell’s role can dance.

Never give up, never surrender on remakes.

Source: the Hollywood Reporter