Amazon Is Developing A Series Based On The 1999 Film ‘Galaxy Quest’

Back in April, rumors started floating around that Paramount Television was shopping a television series based on the 1999 sci-fi satire, Galaxy Quest. Now we have confirmation. A Galaxy Quest television series is in fact on the way, and it has landed at Amazon. And they’re getting the gang back together! Uh, kind of! Entertainment Weekly reports that the film’s co-writer Robert Gordon is back to write and executive produce the pilot, and its director Dean Parisot is back to executive produce. So that’s… something!

Left unsaid is what, exactly, the new project will entail, and which, if any, of the original cast will return. As to the first part, they certainly have some options. The film — which is great, go watch Galaxy Quest — followed the cast of an old Star Trek-y show as they hit the lecture circuit (and were eventually drawn into a real-life space war), so they could go back and cover the old version of the show, or the fallout after the real-life space war revelation, or whatever else their hearts desire.

The cast, however, could be tricky, as everyone is now 16 years older, and many of them could be tough to wrangle for a streaming series based on an old movie they did. Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, etc. But who knows? Maybe they’ll get Justin Long to come back as the grown-up version of the geeky fan he played. There’s one possibility. Here to help.

(Via EW)