Watch A Teaser For HBO’s Upcoming Behind-The-Scenes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Special

01.20.15 4 years ago

Yesterday we found out some of the details about HBO’s upcoming behind-the-scenes special Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life, namely the fact that it will be a half-hour documentary that follows a single day of production in three different filming locations across Europe, including Northern Ireland, Croatia, and Spain. What it will not do, however, unless maybe they try a little picture-in-picture thing in the corner of the screen, is provide viewers with a 30-minute live stream of Ser Pounce, the royal cat. A missed opportunity, in my opinion.



Anyway, now we also have a teaser for the special, which you can watch above. If you want to be cynical about the whole thing, maybe you’ll watch this and say something like, “Wait, so this is a teaser for what is essentially a 30-minute commercial for the upcoming season of a television show. What in the goddamn heck are we even doing anymore?” And I suppose you wouldn’t be incorrect, either. But on the other hand: Hey, pipe down, you. The show doesn’t return for months. I’ll take whatever I can get.

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