Your Favorite Actors On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Had Some Strange Early Roles You’ve Probably Never Seen

If you’re reading this post, there is a solid chance you’ve been obsessively watching Game of Thrones for the past six years and intricately picking apart every detail and scene until you crack certain mysteries (tell us who Jon Snow’s parents are gosh darn it!). However, even the most devoted fans might not have realized that certain actors and actresses on the show have some pretty weird roles to their names from years ago. Sure, there are the obvious ones like Michelle Fairley being Hermione Granger’s mom in the final Harry Potter film or Sean Bean dying over and over and over again for the last decade, but others are so obscure almost nobody would be expected to know about them.

For example, Jerome Flynn (AKA Bronn) used to be one half of a doo wop group – dapper suits and all. Which is weird to reconcile with the fact that on the show he portrays a ruthless sell sword who only cares about power and riches. Peter Dinklage is known just as much for his breakout film The Station Agent as he is for Game of Thrones, yet even he has some weird movie credits. Like Living in Oblivion, where he apparently wears a powder blue tux and top hat – presumably for story reasons and not just because 80’s fashion is awful.

The best of the set might be the actor that plays Grand Maester Pycelle, who was in The Empire Strikes Back. Yes, there is a direct connection to two of the greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchises of all time. Maybe Darth Vader is Jon Snow’s father too!