The Internet Reacts To Dany’s All New Levels Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Badassery

We’re a few days removed from Sunday’s most excellent Game of Thrones and the internet has had plenty of time to soak in the copious amounts of awesome that took place. Daenerys Stormborn’s approval rating is at an all-time high and those who mocked her in Season 2 find themselves falling in line along with the army of the Unsullied. One does not simply showcase that much badasswery without gaining the adoration of many, if not all.

Thanks to The Surly Badger tipping me to this treasure chest of GOT good times, I’ve compiled a handful of my favorite lulzy web reactions to Khaleesi’s new reign of kick ass. Anything not otherwise noted was found there. Spoiler-y goodness ahead (seriously though, go f yourself if you’re here reading this and concerned about spoilers). Above via.

Via Otto Man