A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Made A ‘Bastard Bowl’ Trailer That’s Even Better Than The Real Thing

HBO is remaining tight-lipped about this week’s Game of Thrones, so much so that the already unhelpful plot synopsis is extra unhelpful. “Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted.” That’s it. But to be fair, nothing else needs to be said other than the episode’s title: “Battle of the Bastards.”

On Sunday evening, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark will square off against Ramsay Bolton in an episode directed by the same guy, Miguel Sapochnik, who was behind the camera for last season’s CGI highlight “Hardhome.” Writer Bryan Cogman called it “definitely the biggest [action sequence yet]” in Game of Thrones history, and the trailer — which, honestly, is better than the disappointing episode it premiered after — does a pretty good job of highlighting the battle’s magnitude. But it could be better, bigger, Bolton-er.

YouTube user ControvT thought the same thing, which is why he/she combined “Battle of the Bastards” footage with old clips to “[showcase] every scene that has led to the biggest battle of Game of Thrones in season six.” The trailer effectively conveys everything that’s brought us to the fight for the North, from Ned Stark literally losing his head to Ramsay gutting Roose.

The hype is real, and it’s happening soon. Can’t wait.