Prepare To See More Than Just The Battle Of The Bastards On The Latest ‘Game Of Thrones’

WARNING: There be spoilers ahead for this Sunday’s Game of Thrones. Many people died to bring these spoilers to light, so read carefully.

The hype surrounding Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones is the highest in the series history. Not only will we get to see Jon Snow take on Ramsay Bolton in the biggest battle in the show’s history, but it’s also likely the strongest episode of the current season in terms of production — just check out all those Emmy considerations.

But this monumental encounter might not be the only great thing to spring from this episode. Is it Lady Stoneheart? Will we find out that the entire series is actually merely the dream of Ned Stark on the chopping block? Maybe we’ll get to go into Dorne some more, right? It’s spoilers from here on, so be careful:

So apparently we’re going to be getting another big meeting between two groups on the show, this time after a nice journey across the sea:

A UK magazine entitled TV & Satellite Week nestled a nugget of possible truth into a larger Game of Thrones article. The magazine claims that Yara and Theon Greyjoy will make it to Meereen and team up with Daenerys and her unchained/Dothraki army.

So yeah, as Peter Clark at Mashable points out, that’s some fast sailing. But we also need some fast sailing to get some pieces in motion for the coming season. It’s likely shortened as we already know AND we’re in the closing moments of the series. There’s a few zombie armies and other pieces to put in place before all is said and done.

Also it’s going to be cool to finally see Yara get together with Khaleesi and be completely bad ass together. Also nice to get Daenerys into the main point of the story as opposed to just hanging out in another land. Get those dragons in on the action.

(Via Mashable / Vigilist)