Daenerys And Daario’s Sexy ‘Game Of Thrones’ Body Doubles Are Dating

In April, we introduced you to Rosie Mac, Emilia Clarke’s body double on Game of Thrones who was smart enough to say “nah, I’m good” to appearing in Terminator Genisys. Much has changed since then. Game of Thrones was on and now it’s not, and, um, I guess that’s the only thing that’s actually changed, except that Mac is currently dating Ignacio Blanco, the body double for Michiel Huisman’s rugged Daario. Valar morghulis makes the heart grow fonder.

Blanco, who should send the original Daario a bouquet for deciding to leave Thrones, told the Daily Mail, “Rosie and I met on set. Me doing my part as Daario’s double and Rosie doing her part as Daenerys. Since then, we’ve become very close. Things just kept escalating.”

Not to the point where she’s demanding he take his clothes off, though. Mac, 18, has vowed to stay a virgin until marriage, saying, “I’ve got very high morals. I really like the whole thing of keeping yourself for your husband.” Somewhere out there, Jorah’s body double smiles.


Maybe Dinklage’s double can get the Destiny job?