Here’s Everything Bran Saw In His Visions During The Latest ‘Game Of Thrones’

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05.31.16 16 Comments

It was somewhat of a quiet week for Game of Thrones — no great houses of Westeros overthrown, not one living person murdered. The second half of season six started in similar fashion to the first, setting the stage for episodes six through ten, which — based on their names — promise to be massive.

What the episode definitely teased were more revealing visions from Bran. Even though he’s lost the heart tree and Three-Eyed Raven, it seems like he still has a lot of history banging around behind those white eyes of his. At the start of the episode, a multitude of moments flashed in front of him quickly and chaotically.

It’s unclear if Bran digested any of what he saw, but thanks to modern technology and our obsessive compulsion to break down all things Game of Thrones, we can make sure you do. Let’s take a look at everything that came out of his visions in episode six, “Blood of My Blood.”

There were many shots from past episodes that got replayed in Bran’s head. A lot of it was Stark related: Bran falling, Ned losing his head, Robb and Catelyn dying at the Red Wedding. The White Walkers also made several appearances; we got glimpses of the Fist of the First Men, Hardhome, the Children of the Forest transforming the Night’s King, and the Night’s King transforming Craster’s abandoned baby. Bran was also shown the birth of Daenerys’ dragons.

That brings us to the new footage.

There were visions of a dragon’s shadow flying over King’s Landing. Daenerys’ dragon? Or was this further in the past where Targaryen’s dragons flew over the capitol regularly? Bran has had visions of the future before; remember that he saw the sea swallow Winterfell in a dream shortly before Theon Greyjoy captured the castle.

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