Add Gwendoline Christie To The List Of People Who Want Brienne And Tormund To Get Together

It’s been a dark couple of weeks on Game of Thrones, with the deaths hitting us a little harder than we’re used to. But if there’s one bright spot that reminds us all that life is beautiful and full of hope, it’s the theoretical relationship we’ve created for ourselves between Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane.

Sparks have been flying between the two ever since Brienne arrived at the Wall alongside Sansa Stark. Okay, it’s mostly been Tormund giving Brienne doe eyes and Brienne reacting uncomfortably, but our imaginations can take it from there, thank you very much. And us fans aren’t the only ones clamoring for “Torienne,” the official nerdy ‘ship name for this relationship. Brienne actor Gwendoline Christie is into it as well.

“I enjoyed Brienne being put in that position of feeling awkward and not wanting the attention,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “That was a very fun thing to play. He’s a wildling, he’s very sensual and animal-like and very forthright with his emotions and feelings — which is really the opposite of her. I enjoyed trying to navigate that and the beauty of her embarrassment. She can totally deal with the situation, and with him, but she’s just so embarrassed about it.”

She also revealed that there was more Brienne/Tormund romance left on the cutting room floor — a scene where Sansa Stark teased Brienne about her wildling suitor. But without Tormund actor Kristofer Hivju there to chew meat seductively, it just didn’t live up to the other moments left in the show.

Sadly, it seems like their romance is doomed to be unrequited: Brienne has been sent off to the Riverlands to bring the Blackfish onto the side of the Starks. That leaves us with nothing but our own Torienne fan-fiction to keep us warm at night … at least until Brienne runs back into Jaime? Who would have thought Brienne of Tarth would become the big romantic lead of the show!

(Via Entertainment Weekly)