All The Jaw-Dropping GIFs From This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

Once again, we’ve got another extended final scene on Game of Thrones. There were no giants, but there was a lot of fire.

Things almost went poorly for Jorah.

Lucky for Dany, they did not.

Yeah, The Sons of the Harpy found their way into the arena.

Dany’s bodyguards went into action.

Even Tyrion got in on the heroic stabbing.

It’s funny how saving someone’s life makes them more trustworthy to you.

Due to blocked exits, the only way out was through the middle.

It was not looking good.

Then, things started to look really good.

The Queen and her dragon got along again.

Although… I mean, it seemed like there was plenty of room on there.

In other storylines, Jon Snow made it back to the Night’s Watch, where everyone’s optimistic.

Jaime and Bronn got to go, after one more elbow shot.

And Stannis sacrificed Shireen to the Lord of Light.

It turns out that Uproxx has a strict “no kids burning at the stake GIFs” policy. There’s no such policy on horses, however.