This Is The Most Complete ‘Game Of Thrones’ Death Infographic Ever

Let’s give mainstream news organizations this: For all their flaws, they have really stepped it up when it comes to entertainment coverage. Which is why it’s not extremely surprising to learn that the Washington Post has put together the most comprehensive and beautiful list of deaths from HBO’s Game of Thrones show ever made.

The massive infographic not only shows you all the major characters killed by George R.R. Martin and the equally bloodthirsty David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, but minor characters and even lowly soldiers and animals. Some staffer at the Washington Post obviously spent more than a hundred hours putting this together, but don’t feel bad for them. It’s way less depressing than similar infographics on topics like Syria or Kenya.

And for those of you who prefer an even more visual representation of those deaths:

[The Washington Post]