Details You May Have Missed From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Premiere

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After an impossibly long wait, Game of Thrones has returned with what promises to be the wildest and most extravagant season of television ever produced. Somehow, everything is going to be wrapped up in six more episodes … five now, if you count Sunday’s season premiere that spent most of its time reminding us where everyone is and setting all the pieces down on the chess board. There aren’t many left at this point, and most of the important people are in Winterfell or King’s Landing. Not to ignore the giant army of the undead staggering south at an impressive pace, of course … even though most of the living are doing just that. Come on, humanity! We’re better than this!

As always with this series, there were a number of interesting details and references scattered through episode that’s aptly named Winterfell. Some were obvious, others not so much. If you’ve only had the time to watch the show once, there’s a good chance you missed at least a few of the Easter eggs and hidden surprises tucked into the background. We tracked them down for you.


The start of season eight featured a number of callbacks to the very first episode when Robert Baratheon arrived at Winterfell. There’s the peasant boy running to see the entourage as it enters the castle, echoing Arya’s similar arrival in season one. He ends up climbing a tree in a clear reference to Bran. And Sansa repeats the words to Daenerys that were spoken by her father to Robert: “Winterfell is yours, your grace.” Even the musical score used for the scene is a recycle of The King’s Arrival theme from season one, episode one.


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