The British ‘Game Of Thrones’ Distributor Has Gone On A Social Media Blackout To Avoid Finale Spoilers

Helen Sloan/HBO

We’re in the final stretch before the Game of Thrones series finale airs on HBO. Sure, fans and critics have plenty of questions about what’s going to happen, and once it happens, there will likely be just as many (if not more) questions without answers. Despite all this anticipation, however, there has been just as much anxiety about stumbling across leaked finale spoilers online — especially on social media. In fact, the fear is so great that Sky Atlantic, the official British distributor of Thrones, has announced a social media blackout.

In addition to a “SILENCE IN THE REALM” graphic, the paid television network also posted a note addressed “to all our Thrones fans”:

It has been an amazing ride of the last eight seasons. We have lived and loved every moment with you, but ou watch will soon end. At 2am the final ever episode airs. We know that not all of you can stay up to watch live, and want you to enjoy that moment in your own time.

We’re stepping away from social media from midnight for 24h and suspending our own accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Please, no spoilers.

Obviously, not even a paid television network’s attempts to abstain from social media for 24 hours are going to prevent all of the Thrones fans it caters to from getting spoiled by the internet, but it’s a fantastic gesture. Check out the note below on Twitter. Also, NO SPOILERS.

(Via Deadline)