‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Re-Cast Joffrey’s Younger Brother, Tommen Baratheon

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For the love of Christ. I went to look for a screencap of Tommen Baratheon from Game of Thrones to run with this bit of casting news, and in the very first one I found Joffrey is making an insufferable little weaselface. It’s uncanny. Every. Single. Time. He’s like the Colossus of Pout.

Anyway, see that kid up there playing Tommen? Don’t get too attached to him, because he just got Aunt Viv’d.

According to our sources, the role of Prince Tommen Baratheon has been recast for season 4 and will now be played by Dean-Charles Chapman. Chapman starred in The Revolting World of Stanley Brown, appears in the upcoming film Before I Go To Sleep, and was seen most recently on The White Queen, playing Richard Grey. The choice of Chapman for Tommen may be surprising to some as he previously appeared on GoT playing Martyn Lannister, one of the imprisoned squires killed by the Karstarks in season 3. [Winter Is Coming]

I’m sure all you book readers are going to have a field day with this in the comments, especially since this new actor is slightly older and more experienced, so I’ll just post this compilation of Joffrey getting slapped and be on my merry way.