‘Game Of Thrones’ Houses, By Hotness

“I’m going to light the biggest controversy the Internet has ever seen!” Earlier this week, in a diabolical plan to divide families, friends, and people who just kind of know each other through comment sections, maybe they direct message on Facebook from time to time, the Hairpin’s wonderful Mance Edith Zimmerman published Game of Thrones Men, by Hotness,” and things got real. I mean, Jaqen over Jaime? COME ON. I shan’t stand for this.

But rather than simply choosing the most attractive men OR women on Game of Thrones, let’s go BIG. Using the ever-useful “Great House” Wiki, I ranked 10 of the show’s most prominent houses by their ridiculous levels of attractiveness (except for House Greyjoy; they’re UG-LY.) The caveats: no dead people (with one exception), all characters are age appropriate (sorry, Sansa; not sorry, Joffrey), and I went by current last name. For instance, Cat was born a Tully, but she goes by Stark now, so she’s House Stark. Please argue, but know you’re wrong.

#10. House Clegane

#9. House Arryn

#8. House Greyjoy

#7. House Baratheon

#6. House Tully

#5. House Mormont

#4. House of Stark


#3. House Lannister

#2. House Tyrell

Dianna Rigg was a stunner.

#1. House Targaryen

Dragons are sexy.