Check Out This Extremely Helpful, Fan-Made ‘Game Of Thrones’ Interactive Map

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04.22.14 16 Comments

I’m what you’d call a casual Game of Thrones fan — I haven’t read the books, I don’t pore over the recaps, and half the time I can’t remember who the hell this person is and where they are. So I’ve found this interactive map created by Game of Thrones superfan serMountainGoat especially helpful. It takes you through individual character trajectories, links specific locations to the Game of Thrones wiki, and even lets you scroll back and forth in the narrative to avoid spoilers for those who aren’t yet caught up.

Now I finally understand the correlation between King’s Landing and wherever the hell Dany is right now. I’m sure most Game of Thrones hardcore fans will probably lose at least an hour or so geeking out over it as well.

(Via the AV Club)

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