‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Coming To IMAX, Where The Season Five Trailer Will Debut

Are you a huge fan of Game of Thrones, but not satisfied with watching it on your puny 42-inch HD television screen? Is what you need a giant, immersive Game of Thrones experience? You’re in luck, because on January 23, HBO will become the first television network to feature its programming in IMAX theatres.

The network will show two episodes from season four of Game of Thrones, and then you will be able to watch the worldwide debut of an exclusively created sneak-peek trailer for IMAX of season five. The two episodes and the trailer will arrive in up to 150 IMAX theaters around the country, and they will run for a week, through January 29th. (Check out IMAX’s website in the coming days to see where it’s playing near you).

The two featured episodes will be the final two of the fourth season, “Watchers on the Wall” (which will actually be awesome to see in IMAX) and “The Children.” So, if you’re just now catching up on the fourth season, you may want to hold off on the final two episodes until you can see them for the first time in IMAX.

You will finally be able to see Jon Snow as he’s meant to be seen: As a crystal clear 50-foot God.