There Might Be Only One ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Who Can Cure Jorah’s Greyscale

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07.25.16 6 Comments
jorah daenerys


There is no foolproof cure for greyscale. If you can contract the dreaded disease, which slowly turns your skin into a cracked riverbed, as a child (like Shireen Baratheon), there’s a chance you might survive (until you’re burned at the stake by your dad); if you get it as an adult, though, you’re as good as dead. No one quite knows why, which is bad news for Jorah Mormont.

The last time we saw the exiled knight, he was being instructed by Daenerys to find a remedy for greyscale, so that he may stand beside the Mother of Dragons when she’s ruling the Seven Kingdoms. I’m not sure which is more likely: Daenerys beating the Zombie Mountain in a bare-knuckle brawl, or Jorah not dying. The odds are stacked against the Bear Island native, but according to one popular Game of Thrones fan theory, there’s still hope.

Remember Quaithe? The name might not ring a bell, but her photo will.



The masked shadowbinder was a recurring character in season two when Daenerys was in Qarth and, oh my god, I’m so bored thinking about that plot again. The Greatest City That Ever Was or Will Be didn’t quite live up to its title, but it could hold special significance for Jorah in his quest for a cure.

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