‘Game Of Thrones’ Sets A Standard For Devotion With Jorah’s Letter To Daenerys

The behind the scenes team at Game Of Thrones released a bunch of the letters and documents we saw in the second episode of season 7, giving us a clear look at Sam’s cure for Jorah’s grey scale and other little trinkets. You could practically cure it yourself, but you’ll likely be too busy crying over something else from the episode.

Before Sam can return to give Jorah some hope for a cure, he’s relegated that he’s at the end of the road and decides to write one final letter. It’s to Daenerys, of course, and informs of her the bad news while also showing that his devotion to her has never wavered:

For a show where romance is usually cut short by violent death and most of the relationships between men and women are built on lust or cruelty — poor Sansa Stark — it’s odd to see this sort of reverence. It might rival the more positive beliefs behind the story of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, where it’s true love instead of a kidnapping and rape. The entire book series and television show is just not the place to fall in love it seems. These characters can’t even keep a pet around without it being a tragedy.

So yes, Jorah’s letter is a peek at the final dispatch from a doomed man, devoted until the very end. It’s an admirable thing in a show where almost everybody is looking to double cross somebody else.

You kinda hope that Sam is successful and gets Jorah back out there with a fresh, scale-free outlook on life. While it’s doubtful that he sees the end of the series, it would be fitting that he gets one more chance to serve his queen and fulfill her final command. It’s either that or he ends up a Stone Man.

(Via HBO)