Dragons And Stone Men Dominated This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

This week’s Game of Thrones had a resurrection, a reunion, and, um, Stone Men. But let’s start with the dragon action.

Daenerys wanted swift justice for last week’s massacre.

Jon decided to finally pull the trigger on the whole “Free the Wildlings” thing.

The later meeting gave Stannis the chance to go Stannis.

Sansa was reunited with an old friend.

And because he was clearly the only one there who “murdered” Starks, Reek apologized.

The Boltons were aware of Stannis’ plan to invade.

Oh look, Grey Worm lived after all.

And Dany had a change of heart about the swift justice thing.

Meanwhile, Ser Friendzone and Tyrion stopped by Valyria. After seeing a bewildering sight…

… they were surprised by some Stone Men.

It all ended well.

Well, maybe not.