Yup, Everyone’s Favorite Pre-Teen Ruler Is Officially Back For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7

Game of Thrones season six was nominated for a record 23 primetime Emmys, winning 12 little gold statues for its efforts. The penultimate episode of the season, “Battle of the Bastards,” received six nominations and reminded the world that HBO isn’t TV, it’s TV with massive amounts of dead bodies and horses. It was stunning, and Kit Harrington’s evolution as the brooding, alive again Jon Snow won’t soon be forgotten, but there was one character that stole her scene, episode, season, and possibly the show.

Lady Lyanna f’n Mormont.

The 10-year-old badass that pledged her allegiance and 62 men to Snow’s claim as the true King in the North had millions of people giving their hands a single clap before standing up from their couches to raise their fists in the air. We’re with #Her. Lady Mormont, the scowling queen we never knew we needed. She only spoke in two scenes and gave the stink eye in one, but that’s all we needed to pledge our undying allegiance to her. Now, she’s back according to some paparazzi photos shared by TV Guide.

But we always expected her to be back, right? Why would Mormont be gone when things are just about to get really nasty in Westeros? Hopefully, she isn’t primed to be dragon dinner. We need her to display more badassery.

(Via TV Guide)