This Long-Time ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Has Little Chance To Make It Out Of Season 7 Alive

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05.31.17 8 Comments


[Potential spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven]

A few years ago, the Mythbusters crew tested to see whether cockroaches could survive a nuclear explosion, as they did in the wake of the 1945 atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Their findings, after blasting the insects with radiation: “The results confirmed that cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion — but only to a point, as none of the critters in the 100,000 rad group made it through.” It takes a lot (or a folded-up newspaper) to kill a cockroach. In that way, they have a lot in common with Littlefinger.

By any measure, Petyr Baelish should be long dead on Game of Thrones. He’s a schemer and a con artist in a world where looking at someone funny will get you killed, but those attributes also make him a master manipulator. (Remember who Sansa looks towards in the season six finale.) Like a cockroach, Littlefinger’s best skill is survival, and the longer he stays alive, the more power he gains. But also like a cockroach, “only to a point.”

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