Robb Stark Pulls A Red Wedding On The Silliest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory

Lady Stoneheart has become an in-joke among Game of Thrones viewers.

“I bet she’ll finally show up this season” — we’ve been saying that for years now, always with a hint of sarcasm. Stoneheart was rumored to appear in the season four finale, then the season five finale (the appropriately titled “Mother’s Mercy”), then last season, when Lem Lemoncloak teased her imminent arrival. Of course, she was nowhere to be found. (We got Lem’s chilling speech from A Storm of Swords, instead.) The Lady Stoneheart gossip was finally put to rest after the latest no-show (Michelle Fairley slept well that night), but only because theorists have moved on… to Lord Stoneheart.

Zombie Robb Stark is the new Zombie Cat Stark, which is brand new information to the Young Wolf. “I’ve not heard anything, of course,” Richard Madden told the Hollywood Reporter. “I suppose I wouldn’t have the phone call, because they’re very secretive about everything, unless you get some of the cast drunk and they’ll tell you what they are doing.” (Note to self: Fly to Ireland and get drunk with Emilia Clarke.) Madden confirmed that he hasn’t “gotten a call,” and even if David Benioff and D.B. Weiss asked him to return, he’s not sure he’d want to play zombie. “I don’t know, I’d have to read,” he said. “I stopped reading the books a couple years ago because the show kept changing and I’d much rather just watch it and see what came next.”

So if Lady and Lord Stoneheart are out, that only leaves Dog Stoneheart. Theory: Zombie Grey Wind will bite Ghost Joffrey in the nards.

(Season seven is going to be weird.)

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)