The Angriest Reactions To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Beating ‘Mad Men’ At The Emmys

We’ll have much more on the Emmys throughout the day, but it’s fitting that the night’s biggest story stemmed from its biggest award. In a surprise upset, Outstanding Drama Series went to Game of Thrones, not Mad Men, as was widely predicted (including this very website).

But hey, at least Jon Hamm won?

It was the final season of one of the most critically adored shows of all-time, versus a widely controversial season of a fantasy series about dragons and boobs. That’s what the conversation was reduced to on Twitter, at least. That’s misleading about Mad Men (it wasn’t the show’s best season) and unfair to Game of Thrones, which is about much more than that (and also dragons and boobs). Still, it was a bit of a shock; it’s like if Pepsi (Thrones) suddenly topped Coke (Mad Men) to become the world’s best-selling soda. You can’t fault the Emmys for honoring the most popular show on television, though, unless you’re one of these people. Then you can, and did.

“F*ck that. F*ck boobs.” Matthew Weiner would be so proud.

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