'Game Of Thrones' Characters Get The 'Mean Girls' Treatment In This Surprisingly Perfect GIF Wall

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10.26.13 4 Comments

gameofthronesmeangirls-9 gameofthronesmeangirls-8 gameofthronesmeangirls-7

gameofthronesmeangirls-6 gameofthronesmeangirls-5 gameofthronesmeangirls-4

gameofthronesmeangirls-3 gameofthronesmeangirls-2 gameofthronesmeangirls-1

There’s not much to add here. It’s Saturday, Joffrey is on an all-carb diet, I enjoyed this a little too much, etc. Game of Thrones arguably mashes up with all things pop culture better than anything else ever, but still this is pretty great.

Bravo to this GOT-themed Tumblr for so meticulously making these happen.

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