Here’s How You Can See The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six Premiere Before Your Friends

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Game of Thrones season six — the “everyone is dead” season — premieres April 24. Can’t wait that long? Well, there are two ways you can see it before then: Kidnap Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and find someone to do the surgery from Face/Off (it’s an appropriate procedure), or prepare to pony up.

According to TMZ, “luxury concierge sites are cashing in on the [Thrones] hype and hawking tickets to the season premiere and after-party at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre — and they’re charging up to $10k for a pair.” Don’t get your hopes up about snagging a selfie with Peter Dinklage, though: “We’re told there’s no guaranteed photo ops, autographs, or even a good seat at the April 10 event.” Another option (that doesn’t involve giving money to whatever a “luxury concierge” website is) is to place a bid on Charity Buzz, which is also giving away two tickets to the premiere and after-party. It’ll set you back at least $11,000, but the money goes to the U.S.-Ireland Alliance, which is “dedicated to consolidating existing relations between the United States and the island of Ireland and building that relationship for the future.”

Also, you can spoil the premiere for your friends. That’s a priceless experience.

(Via TMZ and Charity Buzz)

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