A New Greek ‘Game Of Thrones’ Promo Shows The Lannister Army Preparing For Annihilation Via Dragon

Entertainment Editor

With a just a week to go until Game of Thrones is finally back on the air, the hype has reached new levels in the history of the series. We’re mere days away from seven years of tension finally coming to a release. A Targaryen will once again walk the halls of Dragonstone, the white walkers are knocking on The Wall, and the Dothraki, possibly through acupuncture and a horse-pills of Dramamine, have gotten over their fear of water and have landed on the shores of Westeros.

It’s the type of stuff that makes even 25 seconds of new footage worth dissecting.

A new Greek promo for Game of Thrones is showing alternate angles of what we’ve seen in the last few trailers. Jaime Lannister is walking in full armor, seemingly into battle. We don’t know if it’s the battle against the Dothraki and Dany’s dragons since season seven promises a plethora of clashes with the Lannisters at the epicenter, but seeing Jaime ride through fire on a horse throws together enough context clues to assume that yeah, he’s taking on some Dothraki warriors while a dragon crisps his men with ease. The main question: Is Jaime defending King’s Landing or Casterly Rock?


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