A Crying Baby On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reminded A Stoned Dad That He Left His Child In The Car

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08.05.14 15 Comments
jon snow


Seth Jackson, 29, was inside his house, getting stoned, eating pizza, and watching Game of Thrones, which sounds like a great way to spend a day. Until he heard a baby crying on the HBO series, which reminded him, his 10-month-old foster child was locked in the car, in the sweltering Kansas heat.

Jackson’s 26-year-old partner…told investigators the girl was stiff and unresponsive when he pulled her from a Dodge Charger, where she was left for two hours on a 90-degree day. Jackson’s partner called 911 while Jackson attempted CPR, according to the affidavit. (Via)

Jackson has been charged with first-degree murder. Game of Thrones is a very good distraction from life, but please don’t forget to remember where your child is. Thank you.

Via NBC News

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