Maisie Williams Spoiled The Return Of A Long-Lost ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character

Everyone’s favorite missing Game of Thrones character, Gendry, hasn’t been seen since the season three finale, “Mhysa.” Presumably, he’s still on his way to Dragonstone, endlessly rowing his boat in circles. But Gendry’s not the member of the cast who’s been gone the longest. Poor Rickon Stark hasn’t been spotted since “The Rains of Castamere” (his departure is not the thing most people remember about that episode), when Osha took him to Last Hearth, where the Umbers live. He must have gotten there safely — unlike the other Stark boys, who are dead, dead, temporarily died, and crippled — because according to Maisie Williams, Rickon is returning in an upcoming episode.

During a BBC Radio 1 interview with Nick Grimshaw on Thursday morning, Maisie Williams revealed some good news — Rickon is set to make a comeback in season six. “Ye-es,” she replied tentatively when a caller asked whether or not we’ll be hearing from Rickon this season. “Yes. Maybe.” Shortly after, Williams gave a more definitive response: “Yes, we will indeed… Oh no, I’m literally going to get off the air and someone’s going to email me!” (Via)

That email: “Whatever about that Rickon slip, even if he’s secretly important. But seriously, where’s Gendry?” It’s the new “Is Jon Snow alive?”.

Also, here’s what Rickon looks like now.

He’s come a long way from this.

(Via Mashable)