Everyone’s Least Favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Are Returning In Season 7

Joffrey was a nut, Ramsay was a psychopath, and Lysa Arryn was a nutty psychopath (and they all tortured Sansa), yet they’re not most people’s choice for the worst character on Game of Thrones. That honor belongs to Obara Sand. Or maybe Tyene Sand (the “most beautiful woman in the world”). Or perhaps Nymeria Sand. One of the Sand Snakes, Oberyn Martell’s vengeful bastard daughters from Dorne who have been in exactly one good scene: when the Queen of Thorns told them to “shut up.” That was in the season six finale — one of only two times we saw them all season — when Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell pledged their allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen.

You know what that means? Even more Sand Snakes in season seven!

The Sand Snakes have arrived in Spain.

This evening, Indira Varma [Ellaria] and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers [Tyene] were sighted again, but this time it was in Cáceres, Spain… Unless they have hidden in the grass like a viper, Varma and Laurenti-Sellers appear to have arrived today, just in time for tomorrow’s filming at the Old Town of Cáceres. The two main sets are ready — and, in particular, the one to be used tomorrow is decorated for what appears to be a Lannister-themed occasion. (Via)


If you want to know what that “Lannister-themed occasion” is, head over to Watchers on the Wall. But fair warning, it’s a potentially major spoiler. You could argue knowing that the Sand Snakes will pop up in season seven also counts as a spoiler, but I consider it more of a warning. At least you have a few extra months to prepare for all that exciting, awkward fighting.

(Via Watchers on the Wall)