George Lucas Helped Direct A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene With Jon Snow And Dany During His Surprise Set Visit

Via HBO/Game of Thrones on YouTube

The final Game of Thrones season is officially in full swing with the recent premiere sparking compelling theories about both the Night King’s symbol and the mindset of Daenerys Targaryen as the series barrels to what looks like a bleak conclusion. Like millions of other folks, George Lucas is also a major fan of the series, and he nabbed the opportunity for a set visit because why not? HBO’s “Games Revealed” segment that followed the premiere showed the Star Wars creator traipsing through the muck with the cast and crew (who appeared to be surprised, given that co-creator David Benioff withheld the information as “a practical joke”), and Lucas even helped direct one uncomfortable scene featuring Jon Snow and Dany.

No, this wasn’t the scene in which the unknowingly incestuous couple made out in front of her dragons, which really would have been something. Instead, Lucas directed those moments when Dany got real with Jon about how Sansa doesn’t like her but should climb on board the Targaryen program. Director David Nutter, who helmed half the season, recalled how excited he was to see Lucas “sitting at my director’s chair,” and the footage shows Lucas telling Kit Harington that he didn’t need any direction, and he didn’t really care what happens to him. Emilia Clarke, of course, responded with a faux-offended, “What?”

Benoiff admitted to being starstruck while in Lucas’ presence. “The first time I could remember telling stories was me as a little kid mashing together these stormtrooper dolls,” the showrunner declared. “For so many of us, he’s the one who started our obsession with this big, epic storytelling.” You can watch that portion of the latest “Game Revealed” segment after 3:50 below.