What Moments From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailers Haven’t We Seen Yet?

We’re now midway through the record-breaking fifth season of Game of Thrones. Five down, five left to go, with no break for Memorial Day weekend. There hasn’t been an iconic moment on the level of the Red Wedding or the Trial by Combat (yet), but many of the plots are converging in a way that promises future reaction videos. Much of the footage from the trailers released in January and March has been seen already, but there are a few shots, including a massive brawl, that the show hasn’t gotten to yet. Here are the important ones. Spoilers, I guess?

The return of Rattleshirt!

Jorah takes Axl Rose’s advice and gets in the ring.

Jaime’s been captured and led into Sunspear, Dorne.

“… which was the style at the time.”

Either Lady Olenna is returning to King’s Landing, or we’re going to Highgarden.

Ellaria held at spearpoint, possibly by Bronn and Jaime?

Jon Snow’s on a boat, headed toward Hardhome with Tormund.

Brienne and Pod face the cold to make their move on Winterfell?

Tormund fights against his fellow Free Folk (and with Jon Snow?).

Oh man. Dany and her protectors versus the Sons of the Harpy in the coliseum from Attack of the Clones (or maybe Daznak’s Pit). But will an enemy skillfully cut her top?