The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six Poster Addresses The Jon Snow Cliffhanger Head On

Following the season five finale of Game of Thrones, an unheard amount of speculation dropped over the fate of Jon Snow. Is he really dead, or is HBO yanking our collective chain? This new teaser poster for season six tells us a lot without telling us much at all. Foremost, we’ve got a bloody Jon Snow. He could be alive, or he could be dead. He obviously still means a lot to the show’s unfolding story, or at least, that’s what HBO wants us to believe.

Over the past few months, some potentially revealing set photos and even a Jon Snow hairstyle analysis have stoked the flames. Kit Harington himself has dropped more hints than most showrunners would tolerate. HBO knows exactly what they’re doing here. They know how obsessed their audience is with this character’s fate, and they’re having a field day with this adventure. Harington may have been in on the game all along.

In addition to the mic-dropping backdrop at hand, the poster also tells us that Game of Thrones will return in April. From what we’ve heard already, this will probably be a late April premiere. This could be the most perfect teaser poster of all-time. Take a look…

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