The Bittersweet Reunion On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Proves Arya Can Never Go Home Again

A lot happened in the second episode of Game of Thrones’s seventh season. People died, as expected. Alliances were made, as expected (sexual conquests were made that were unexpected). And then it happened. The reunion that was hinted at was confirmed: Nymeria! Arya Stark’s long lost direwolf was back and she and Arya were together. The reunion everyone was hoping and waiting for came true, and for a minute all was right with Westeros. When you’re so used to watching death and disappointment on Game of Thrones, the little wins hit hard, and it was nice seeing a friendly face from when the Starks were whole.

But this wasn’t the Nymeria we last saw in season one. This is a different Nymeria, like Arya who has changed and has new responsibilities. She’s a pack leader. So she leaves Arya like Arya left her, proving that no matter how much A Girl wants to make it back, after what she’s been through, she can never go home again. Maybe one day we’ll see Arya Stark back within the walls of Winterfell, but she’ll only be there in actuality. What we’re learning here is that Arya truly is no one.

Or, maybe poor Nymeria is still upset about that rock Arya threw at her all those years ago. She still has time to come back and save the day, though. GRRM hinted at it.