New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stills Show The Winterfell Crypts, A Sand Snake In Dragonstone And Other Revelations

With the first episode of season seven out of the way, Game of Thrones is through with the catching up and foundation-laying for the season. The pieces are in place and now the players of the great game are contemplating their next move. Episode one ended with Dany in full “getting to work mode,” eschewing the Dragonstone throne for the strategy room from which she’ll plot her takeover of Westeros, and now we see that Varys has come through and gathered the Sand Snakes who have shown up to aid Dany and avenge so many of their kin (so many).

The above image shows Arya Stark in a northern town, clearly somewhere near The Twins after clearing out the entirety of House Frey. What is she looking at? (Hopefully, her direwolf following her.)

In this image from episode two, we see Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand, but where is Lady Olenna Tyrell?

Then we have an image of Littlefinger and Jon Snow speaking in the Winterfell Crypts in front of what looks like Lyanna Stark’s tomb. Fan speculation around Baelish’s little smirks and glances have been erring on the side of him knowing that R+L=J, but what he could be doing here is manipulating Snow to get the hell out of Winterfell so he can keep working on steering Sansa’s directives.

Here we have Sam at the Citadel, clearly begging Archmaester Marwyn to let him continue researching ways to eliminate the White Walker scourge, lest he go back to cleaning up poop.

Next, we see Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth heading off into the cold winter, likely moving back to The Wall to reinforce the Night’s Watch. In a few promos, wee saw him fighting with Beric Dondarrion north of The Wall, but that’s likely not to come yet. It’s a journey. Maybe they’ll meet up with The Hound and the rest of the Brotherhood Without Banners on the way?

And then there’s Sansa Stark, likely watching her brother/cousin/king leave her Winterfell, with the hair of Cersei, whom she seems to admire at this stage of her rule. Does she know what Littlefinger and Snow discussed in the crypts?

What’s going to happen in the next episode?