Everyone’s Favorite Missing ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Confirms He’s Returning In Season 7

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07.14.17 3 Comments


[Potential spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven]

Even after Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor with wildfire, killing a half-dozen name-brand characters in the process, Game of Thrones still features one of the largest ensemble casts on TV. There are the headliners, like the Stark and Lannister families and Daenerys Targaryen; the recurring cast, such as fan-favorites Olenna Tyrell and Gregor Clegane; and the guest stars, which in season seven includes Jim Broadbent, Ed Sheeran, and Noah Syndergaard. Stuck somewhere between recurring and guest star is our good friend Gendry.

Robert Baratheon’s bastard son hasn’t been on the show since the season three finale “Mhysa,” when Davos helped him get away from Melisandre’s blood magic via rowboat. Somewhere out there, Gendry is either still rowing (he must be shredded), or he’s toiling in obscurity. We’ll find out soon.

It is official: Gendry is coming back.

We won’t spoil at what point Gendry pops up in the season but in a chat with the Times a few hours before the premiere, [Joe] Dempsie said he was relieved by the reaction from the diehard fans who sleuthed it out. “Very fortunately, from what I’ve seen it’s been nothing but interest and excitement and some quite witty memes.”

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