‘Game Of Thrones’ Showed How The White Walkers Will Invade Right In The Opening Credits Sequence

Winter is here, and the armies of the north are gathering to fend off the coming White Walker invasion while emissaries do their best to rally those who have more personal reasons to spill blood in Westeros. As the cold and word of White Walkers creep south, more are realizing that the real war lies beyond The Wall, or, at the very least, near the wall. Consider The Hound the latest to be convinced that killing a few Lannisters won’t really matter when the entire world is covered in ice and death.

We saw this in the Game of Throne’s season seven premiere when Sandor Clegane stared into a fire and envisioned a wall of ice, The Wall, that wasn’t crumbling as many expected it would when the White Walkers inevitably invaded. It was simply being avoided.

“It’s where the wall meets the sea. There’s a castle there. There’s a mountain. Looks like an arrowhead. The dead are marching past. Thousands of them.”

With the war for humanity at stake in the cold north, many assumed the White Walkers would find the Horn of Winter, or possibly use Bran’s mark, which he suffered at the hands of the Night King last season, as a way for the walking dead to avoid the magical barrier which has kept the realm safe for years. But no one thought it would be this simple.

Redditor RohitMsasi noticed that during the opening credit sequence, the sea to the east of The Wall is frozen over. The dead will have a slightly more inconvenient path to butcher the living, and it was all hidden in plain sight:

In fact, it looks like both the east and west of The Wall has frozen over. How did this happen, and why didn’t the dead use this method before?

(Via Buzzfeed)