The Night King Claims An Important Victim In An Emotional ‘Game Of Thrones’

In one of the most spectacular displays of fast-travel that Game of Thrones has seen yet (elite crows can travel roughly 100 miles an hour it seems), Jon and his band of bastards and badasses were saved by Dany and her dragons just as the Night King was overwhelming the raiders of the north. As expected, the crew didn’t make it out completely unscathed.

Major spoilers

The red priest Thoros of Myr succumbed to his zombie bear wounds, while Daenerys’ rescue squad took 33% losses when Viserion took a magical ice spear to the chest, dropping him into a frozen lake, only to be risen by the Night King for his doing. Yes, the Night King has a damn dragon now, and one that can presumably only be killed with dragonglass? Will that work? Can you fight ice and fire with fire?

Now Beric Dondarrion is likely on his last life, the Hound is wounded, the White Walkers have a dragon on their side now, and Cersei Lannister just had the odds tipped in her favor by doing nothing. It’s been said before — she’ll be ruling over nothing if every living human doesn’t band together. It seems like an ice dragon could probably melt an ice wall, right?

Fans aren’t taking this well. Look at the Night King. He could probably 360 no-scope a dude.