Here’s The Latest Batch Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six Photos

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HBO / Entertainment Weekly

Another batch of photos from the sixth season of Game of Thrones has been released, giving us a little more insight into what our favorite fantasy characters will be up to when the show premiers on April 24. The pictures debuted on the Entertainment Weekly website to celebrate the release of their special multi-covered Game of Thrones issue featuring all the female power players of Westeros.


Entertainment Weekly

In addition to those gorgeous cover shots, EW also has another set of portrait photos (with the witty title Queens of the Throne Age) that get all the actresses together for some supermodel style shots. Those photos were taken back in October, and at the time they led some to speculate that maybe Daenerys might be crossing the Narrow Sea to meet up with Cersei and Margaery in King’s Landing. Nope. Just a photo shoot.

Now let’s look at the new season six photos.


HBO / Entertainment Weekly

Daenerys, looking like she’s gotten a less than royal welcome by the Dothraki she encountered at the end of season five.


HBO / Entertainment Weekly

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and director Jeremy Podeswa having a laugh on the set of the Dornish ship returning Jaime Lannister and his dead daughter Myrcella to King’s Landing.


HBO / Entertainment Weekly

Tyrion and Varys winning hearts and minds in Meereen.


HBO / Entertainment Weekly

The Three Eyed Raven giving Bran Stark a Vulcan neck pinch. Just kidding. It’s probably more of a Westerosi mind-meld of some sort going on here.


HBO / Entertainment Weekly

A camera crew capturing Theon and Sansa as they run from the Boltons on what looks like non-maimed legs.

Check out all of Entertainment Weekly’s Game of Thrones coverage right here or in their latest issue devoted to season six.

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