Game Of Thrones Has Officially Announced A Premiere Date For Season Six

01.07.16 2 years ago 3 Comments


All right, all right, all right: It’s almost time for all the speculation, the nail-biting, and the jaw-clenching to be over. All those secrets you were hoping would be revealed with the new season of Game of Throne are coming. We can’t tell you who’s dead or alive (not even Obama knows for sure, okay?) but we can confirm that the show will premiere on April 24. That’s because the official Twitter account for the show just put out this vaguely ominous tweet:

Are you excited? Scared? Ready to share some more of those conspiracy theories? This season is based on a not-yet-finished novel, so for the one of the first few times, die-hard fans won’t be able to stay one step ahead of their friends in terms of twists and turns. The tension’s already too thick, isn’t it? Some of us just want to know who Arya’s going to off next.

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