Sophie Turner Saved The Best ‘Game Of Thrones’ Behind-The-Scenes Photo For Last


Now that Game of Thrones is 100 percent over, finished, and done with (except for the million prequel series), the cast has been sharing behind-the-scene photos that no longer count as spoilers. Here’s a good collection from Emilia Clarke, who wrote, “Finding the words to write this post has left me overwhelmed with how much I want to say but how small words feel in comparison to what this show and Dany have meant to me,” and another from Gwendoline Christie (“This photograph was taken on my very last day saying goodbye to my friend Ciaran, he worked on the show from the beginning as an AD and was the first person I met on Game of Thrones“). But the best photo came from Sophie Turner — it involves sunglasses, bare legs, and vaping.

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The pack survived

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I want this framed in my apartment. There’s Arya giving zero f*cks, Bran showing off the goods and more emotion than he ever did on Thrones, and Sansa hitting the Juul vape pen (much better unintentional marketing than the coffee cup fiasco); but then again, when isn’t she? “The pack survived,” Turner wrote, which is very disrespectful to Rickon. If only he had zigged or zagged

Here’s a few more from Turner, who staunchly defended season eight from the haters. I didn’t love the final episode, but after seeing this photo, it’s now my favorite series finale ever. If only Six Feet Under had more characters vaping.