Daenerys’ Dragon Gets The Spotlight In ‘SNL’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoof

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Peter Dinklage is the first Game of Thrones cast member to host SNL, so the question coming into tonight’s episode wasn’t how many Thrones sketches were there going to be in his show — it was, how many? The answer: A lot, including the monologue (which we’ll have more about tomorrow) and a first-look at season six. There was nothing on Jon Snow’s fate or Brienne kicking ass in there, though. Instead, it was all about Daenerys’ beloved Drogon.

Apparently, the man behind the dragon, Randy Carnival (Bobby Moynihan), is a scene stealer. He wants in on some of that Andy Serkis money. Carnival gets a little too close to the actors, adds “…of thrones” after anyone says the word “game,” tells the director that he has to “bust a piss” (it takes awhile getting in and out of that cumbersome mocap suit), has his junk dried off, and literally falls from the sky. It’s not an easy job, but better him than some Q-tip.

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