You Need To See The Massive ‘Game Of Thrones’ Snow Art Someone Created On The French Alps

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Sky Atlantic

Winter has come, but Game of Thrones hasn’t come with it. Not yet, at least. We’ve got about a month and a half before we all get our fix of Westerosi drama. So, to help tide you over while you wait, here’s the latest cool promotional move that will hype you up for the show’s return.

Sky Atlantic, the channel that shows past Game of Thrones seasons in the UK and Ireland, commissioned British ‘snow artist’ Simon Beck to take a long trudge out around the French Alps in order to create a massive direwolf, the sigil of House Stark, and the words ‘Winter is Coming.’


Sky Atlantic

According to Beck, the snow art took 13 hours to create (in the cold snow), which breaks down to 65,000 steps to shape out the art — clearly, someone takes their Fitbit count seriously.

“The first thing you gotta work out is which way around you’re going to turn the drawing and where to start it to make sure you don’t run off the edge of [the mountain],” Beck explains in the video. “The second stage is measuring an accurate skeleton of plotted lines that go through the drawing. And once you have enough points plotted out, you can do a join up the dots process.”

So, this is basically a big connect-the-dots thing on steroids. The power of math! Or as they say in the UK … maths!


Sky Atlantic

Game of Thrones season six returns April 24.

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