Does This Leaked ‘Game Of Thrones’ Intro Spoil A Major Character Revelation?

This post contains possible spoilers for Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale. Please don’t read any further if you want to go into the final episode fresh or you haven’t caught up to the latest events in season five.

The clip posted below, for obvious reasons, is alleged to be the “previously on” segment for tonight’s Game of Thrones finale. It is taken from the German Sky cable service and the link attached in the video description points there and seems to point towards an accidental leak of the preview.

Now most of what you could take from this is assumption because there isn’t anything from the finale involved in the preview. But, what it alludes to is special for folks familiar with the story and could also hold hints that the show is taking another turn away from the established storyline in the books. This is where the spoilers will start, so be warned.

Probably the most surprising element in this preview is the appearance of BenJen Stark, the heroic Night’s Watch First Ranger that appears in season one to recruit Jon Snow and disappears by season’s end. George R.R. Martin shot down a fan theory involving Stark and the book character Coldhands and that character hasn’t made an appearance in the show at this point. So what does this mean? Is BenJen returning? How does it tie in to Jon Snow’s fate on the show? And could he be this guy:

Doubtful, but it’s something I’ve read before in the many crackpot theories that get posted on Reddit.

Elsewhere, we get a look back with the ailing Mountain and the troubled Cersei Lannister. Her fate should probably become a bit clearer in the finale and it is certainly clear in the books where she goes next, but it isn’t so clear for Ser Gregor Clegane. Will the show take it a step further and bring The Mountain back as whatever he is “changed” into for the finale? It is probably a bit more likely than the thoughts above, but it is also one of the more noteworthy mysteries in the books. Is he dead? Is he monster? Is he back to normal, but with a much more friendly personality? Is he Hodor? We’ll hopefully find out sooner than later.

And finally, I won’t post them here, but someone has posted some MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS on Imgur regarding the fates of three major characters from the finale. If you want to see them, they will be linked at the end, but I can’t stress how spoilerish to the finale. Do not click unless you absolutely do not care about spoilers regarding the Game of Thrones finale. Here’s the link.

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