‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Had The Perfect Reaction Vine To Sunday Night’s Episode

Sorry we’re not sorry for all the Game of Thrones content today. Between what happened last night and the fact that there’s only one episode left this season — excuse me for a second…&&**&*&(&^&^^^&%$%t78***! — we’re fine with posting as much Red Wedding goodness (?) as Lord Frey has random granddaughters. Earlier, we passed along a supercut of reactions to THE SCENE, but everyone that was filmed? A bunch of nobodies. You know who’s a somebody? Arya Stark, or more specifically, actress/UPROXX friend Maisie Williams, who just uploaded a Vine that, to quote Dave Itzkoff, makes “all other #GameofThrones reaction videos [seem] superfluous.”


Meanwhile, Hot Pie’s looking at pie GIFs on Tumblr.