Every Horrible Thing That’s Happened To The Stark Kids On ‘Game Of Thrones’

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05.20.15 58 Comments
stark kids


It’s hard out there for a Stark. To recap five seasons of Game of Thrones misery in one paragraph: Ned’s dead; Cat’s dead; Robb’s dead; Sansa’s once again married to someone she doesn’t love or even like (plus, y’know); Arya’s on the run; Bran’s a cripple and MIA; and Rickon, he’s probably hanging out with Bobby Draper No. 2, or something. These are our heroes, dammit, and the happiest member of their family looks like he listens to The Cure.

Because I felt like depressing myself, apparently, I kept track of every horrible or traumatizing thing that’s happened to the Stark kids since “Winter Is Coming,” beginning with:

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