HBO Releases One Last Round Of Images To Get Fans Hyped For The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale

After a well-recieved sixth season, we are once again facing a Game of Thrones finale, followed by a long winter. After the relatively optimistic “Battle of the Bastards” (at least on the Westeros Scale of Pain), it is a veritable guarantee that “The Winds Of Winter” will be devastating as hell. Because there are never too many inside looks to obsess over for Thrones fans, HBO released one last round of images to pick apart for clues.

After an episode focused solely on Winterfell and Meereen, the finale appears to be Lannister heavy. While Cersei faces her trial (not by combat — sorry, Clegane Bowl truthers), Jaime is still in the company of Walder Frey at The Twins, although one assumes that he’ll be back in King’s Landing for his sister/lover’s time of judgement. Just in time to see Cersei go mad and burn King’s Landing to the ground, perhaps?

Also facing the wrath of the High Sparrow is poor Loras Tyrell. While his sister, Margaery, is still scheming away and in it to win it, Loras is looking a bit worse for wear. After that pitiful conversation with his sister a few episodes back, one cannot imagine that he’ll be able to stand the heat of trial.

Daenarys and Tyrion can also be seen, probably discussing the advantages and dangers of allying with the Greyjoys. Dany just wants to burn more foes to the ground, while Tyrion continues to drink his way through the wine cellars of Meereen.

Hey! Bran’s back! Gives us more Tower of Joy, please and thank you.

Finally, we have Davos, looking to bring some pain to the Red Woman. While many have forgiven her a bit after Jon’s resurrection, it’s good to know that someone cares about what happened to Shireen.